Please help with a small program/flash


I need help with a certain program that does a few simple operations - it can be anything - a soft coded in any programming language, or in flash or anything you can think about.
And this is what this program does :
Input box - allows me to insert how many .txt lists I want to use, and depending on the number I chose (let's say 5), then 5 other buttons will appear (or become active) and each of them will let me browse for each list (the same list can be used for two or more of the buttons if I want).If you find too much creating an unlimited number of buttons, then I think 10 will suffice, arranged in a single row, one after another on a 1024 pixels wide window.
Each button will also have own value output box.
All the .txt lists contain values of any kind (alphabetical, numerical, special characters), and an individual value is everything contained on a single line - if the line breaks (ENTER), then that's another value and so on.The lists can contain any ammount of values (lists).
Randomize button - as you might have already guessed, this button will simply take one value at random from each list and display it in the corresponding output box for each button (list).So if a value is taken from the list asociated (browsed) with the third button, then the value will be displayed in the output box associated with that button.The output boxes should also be all arranged on a single line, just like the buttons, and the display font should be no bigger than 10 pts and not bold, as to as many characters can enter in the output box.
Generate list - this button will generate and save a list as another .txt with the name of 'Generated list' or something similar, and int this list will include combinatorics of all the terms from all the lists that I chose to include in the buttons that I chose to activate, for instance, if I have 5 buttons active, then the values will be taken from the 5 lists chosed, one under each browse button.
The lists might contain values like owl, apple, pizza, sport, fair.
And the result should be saved on a single line in the output .txt like this Owl apple pizza sport fair, then on the next line, the next combinatoric result.This is just a random example so you can understand better what I need.
That's all!
In conclusion is just a small program, or applet, or javascript, or flash that simply browses text lists with values separated into rows (each value on its own row) and then it does two things with them - creates a random output of values with one random value selected from each list at the press of a button and outputs a list of all the combinatorics from all the lists selected at the press of another button.
If you know any such program or a flash script/java script, or you can program it (it should not use more than the basics of programming in any language and certainly will not take more than 15 minutes from an experienced programmer), please let me know.
Thank you in advance!

Best regards!

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