MySQL probs

Hi guy's, i just want to know how can i figure out my problem in regards to database designing.

here's the problem, i have created a table that contains basic information about a certain client,
i named the table "r_info", next i created another table that contains the information about a
certaing customer's scheduling for an event or something in similar, i named it "r_schedule_listing".

Next i added two client informations on my "r_info" table

id Name last_name
1 Test1 TestX
2 Test2 TextZ

then i added a certaing scheduled event for customer id "1"

sched_id event_name
1 Swimming

now here's where the problem starts, once i tried a queried approach,
so that i could view only the data's i need, filtered on two different tables!

here's what happen

id Name last_name sched_id event nane
1 Test1 TestX 1 Swimming
2 Test2 TextZ1 1 Swimming

see?, my entry for the "r_schedule_listing" table was just duplicated when i tried to query it and matched the id's to the "r_info" table.

so what do you guys think?? hope you could help me out in here

tools i use:
MySQL 5.3 (database)
MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE (database designing)
phpMyAdmin (web-based database administrator)

thanks, hope someone helps me on this :'(
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