Delphi 2010 Import Type Library (Windows 7)

I'm having problems importing a type library into Delphi 2010 on a Windows 7 machine.

I go to Component->Import Component->Import Type Library and when I try to add the dll I get the message 'Error accessing OLE registry.'. I don't get this problem with Windows XP.


  • Try to start your Delphi with administrator rights (right click on icon, properties/compatibility/run as admin)...
  • Well, I've tried that first, but it didn't work.

    I did solve the problem though, running D2010 in compatibility mode for WinXP.

    The problem now (now that I got D2010 to work), is that D2010 is way too slow on Win7, so I'm back on WinXP.

    I checked where the slowness comes from:
    any line of code like x:=TX.create is extrememly slow.

    My program is quiet large (+/- 1 million lines of code). I don't know if this is the reason, but I would appreciate if someone lets me know if you had the same problem, and how (if) you fixed it.
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