Creating folders/subfolders using Macro


I have a spreadsheet with approximately 10 tabs with different names (001, 002, 003....etc).
I am require to create an individual workbook for each spreadsheet, and save it in the month folder which will be created in another folder with the value mentioned in A1 of the active spreadsheet.

So my file path will look something like "D:[color=Red]SpreadsheetName2011Month Name[/color]" Month folder to be in the format of "YYMM"

I am require to create this whole path mark in red. It means 3 folders to be created one inside another, and saving the workbook in the last created folder.

The name of the folder is mentioned in Range A1 of all spreadsheets, and the month is mentioned in Z65536 in the format "yymm". In that month folder I need to save that workbook created with a fixed file name, "107" in this case.

I have so many reports in which I need to do the same procedure. So, a condition should be there in the macro to search for this path before creating the path.

Please suggest me a code using which I can do this without putting in so much of my manual efforts.

Thanks in advance to all Macro Gurus.

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