Available - Game / App / Web Developer


I am a currently looking for "paid" freelance work short or long term. My experience includes:

C, C++, C#
Java (J2ME, J2SE, JOGL)
Low level assembler languages
2D / 3D game and engine development
ASP.NET, Silverlight RIA, WPF, WCF, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, Facebook API
Unity3D (PC, Web, iPhone)
AirPlay SDK (iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian etc..)
Application & Tool development
Project Management

I may also be interested in partnership opportunities

You can contact me at orc44 at hotmail dot com or PM

Thanks for your time



  • if you are UK based then I have a full time role available that fits your skills profile.
  • Hello im part of the staff on a small browser online TCG called http"fallenworldsonline.com.

    We are currently looking for someone with skills in php, javascript, flash or objective-c (think iPhone and iPad)

    With the exception of the artists and our staff members, Fallen Worlds is pretty much a one-man operation in terms of programming - Gaokerena!

    Financially, we take no money at all from Fallen Worlds, with everything it earns paying for the card art. What I am offering is simply a slice of the business that hopefully will evolve into a full-time occupation for everyone involved.

    I don't want Fallen Worlds to continue as it does; I want it to thrive! However, this simply can't be done with the programming/development skills we currently have.

    If you have any interest check out the game here [link=http://fallenworldsonline.com][/link]you can email me or add contact me on yahoo/MSN IM's via awol_lsd@yahoo.com

  • sory it did a double post. and i see no delete option.
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