Help please...

I am teaching myself c# and stumbled upon a programming project that I am stuck on. Please help me understand what this is asking for. If I could see how someone else would do it I'm sure I would understand.

I need to create a class named BaseballBatMaker. Declare public static fields named BaseballBatsCompleted of type integer that represents the quantity of baseball bats completed, and Earnings of type decimal that represents the computed earnings. Write a static method named ComputeEarnings in the BaseballBatMaker class tat receives no parameters and as a void return type. Based on the value in the BaseballBatsCompleted field, compute and assign to the Earnings field the computed value. Use the data below to compute the earnings:
- The first 5 baseball bats completed: $5.00/bat
- The next 5 baseball bats completed: $5.50/bat
- The next 5 baseball bats completed: $5.75/bat
- Anything over 15 baseball bats: $6.00/bat
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