Google Search - Appliance Administrator 11000771

This is contract position in El Segundo,CA
Must have ability to obtain Secret Clearance

Work with the Enterprise Search project team to provide comprehensive system and application administration for the Google Search Appliance that provides internal search capabilities to Aerospace users.

- Analyze and reconfigure system as needed.
- Install or upgrade software and patches. Install, configure, test, and implement additional modules to fulfill specialized requirements.
- Provide tier three user support for search related issues.
- Monitor systems for signs of unusual activity or errors. Identify, analyze, and resolve software problems. Monitor and tune system and network resources to optimize overall application throughput and response time. Analyze, implement, and audit system and application security.
- Develop or improve operational process and procedures. Develop and monitor procedures for configuration control and change management. Maintain all technical documentation. Participate in cross training with other technical staff.

Implementation Assignments for FY11:

1. User preferences (using OneBox Modules or custom coding)
2. Enhanced UI capabilities, such as long search indicator (i.e. hourglass, timer)
3. Create connections between the GSA and other content repositories and databases (i.e. AeroLink, SSED database, access-controlled shared drives)
4. Access control with authenticated search
5. Faceted search

1. A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or related field, or the equivalent industry experience.
2. Google Search Appliance administration skills, with 3 or more years of experience.
3. Experience with customizing the Google search experience (UI). (Requirements: XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
4. Experience with integrating OneBox modules to enhance the GSA.
5. Familiarity with customizing connectors to integrate the GSA with various content and security systems.
6. Good written and oral communication skills, particularly documentation skills.
7. Ability to participate actively and effectively in team efforts.

1. Database skills/experience. (Oracle, MySQL)
2. Some experience with Livelink.
3. Familiarity with Semaphore, or other faceting capabilities for the GSA.
4. jQuery and scripting skills.
5. Familiarity with using analytics software.
6. Familiarity with Active Directory and Oracle CoreID Webgate for identity management.
7. Working relationship with Google engineers for support. (working knowledge of google)

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