Can't display warning

I wrote a small VB6 program to monitor the status of a Shared Network Drive. In this case it's an external hard drive. The drive is used for backup. The program is invoked automatically when the computer is booted and runs minimized.

If the backup drive is not turned on or otherwise not functional then the program changes from mimimized to a normal window and displays various statistics and a warning that the backup drive isn't working.

So far so good, but the problem is the normal window is behind whatever program happens to be running. If you minimize the program that happens to be running then you will see the various statistics and a warning as to the status of the backup drive.

I want to make the warning much more prominent, like minimizing the program that happens to be running or displaying the warning window in front of the progrmam that happens to be running. I want something really noticaeble. The computers don't have speakers so I can't play an warning.wav .

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

richard bromberg


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