C arrays question


Im new to C programming and having trouble with the output of the following C code

void main()
int a[5]={5,1,15,20,25};
int i,j,k=1,m;
%d %d %d",i,j,m);

I cant understand why is the output 3, 2, 15.
Would appreciate if soemone helps me understanding the logic of the output.



  • [code]
    a[0] = 5
    a[1] = 1
    a[2] = 15
    a[3] = 20
    a[4] = 25

    i = ++a[1];
    j = a[1]++;
    m = a[i++];[/code]

    i is being assigned the value in a[1]; however, ++a[1] pre increments the value of a[1], so a[1] becomes 2.

    j is assigned the value of a[1], which is now 2 from the previous operation (i = ++a[1]); the assignment of j post increments the value of a[1], so a[1] then becomes 3.

    m is being assigned the value of a[i++]; i is 2, so you get the value from a[2] or 15; however, a[i++] post increments the value of i as well, so it now becomes 3.

    when you're ready the print the results, you've got

    i being 3
    j being 2
    m being 15

    If you output your array, you'll see the change to a[1].

    for(z=0; z < sizeof(a)/sizeof(a[0]); ++z) {
    printf("[%d] = %d
    ", z, a[z]);

    Hope that helps.
  • thanks,its clear!
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