HELP: Scanning servers for information...

Hi, I'm fairly new to all this stuff and I figured if I'm going to learn anything it'll need to be somewhere on the internet.

Basically, I've only been using VB.NET now for about 2 weeks. I did learn a little bit back in college, so I've managed to pretty much zoom through a beginners book to the point where I've realised the stuff I really NEED to learn isn't even in the book.

My Team Leader at work set me out with a challenge to write a program that will search over a secure network for servers and compile a report if specific folders are present on the network. I currently have a very simple program that can scan a local machine using a .txt file with a list of locations to scan. If the directory exists it populates them to a listbox, and then the user has an option to compile these in a report as another .txt file.

The first thing I need to do is to connect to an external server over the network to retrieve a database (mySQL) that keeps data on all the current servers that are active on our secure network. If I can get my head around that, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to amend the code I already have to scan the network rather than locally.

Any help is appreciated.

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