How to get data from TDBGrid using an external application?

Good day to everyone!

I have an application (without its source code) with DBGrid object in it. This DBGrid has data about some car characteristics. My task is to write an application, which has to extract price of the selected car model and to make some calculations using this data. This extractions have to be made in the real time, i.e. if user choose another car model (which correspondingly has another price value), my application will have to automatically make appropriate calculations and show result in its window. The problem is that I can't get an access to this DBGrid object by my application. I only got the handler of DBGrid window by FindWindow function, but it has no any child inside, so I don't know how to extract price values using it. Of course, it can be mistaken way, and there is another one which can help me to achieve the result which I want.

I searched all over the Internet and haven't found the decision of my problem. So, any help will be very appreciated. Thanks

Sorry for my bad English :)
Vadim, Russia
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