can anybody help or advice me please

i work for a charity, that has just opened a recruitment department to help our members find work.
I've been asked to create a database that holds a list of members,
their skills, geographical location they are willing to work and the sector they are interested in.

also then a list of jobs, which will be in a geographical location, and require specific skills and special requirements

I have created the following tables

- clients

- jobs

and then to try and link them together i created more tables

- special requirements

- location

- skills

- sector

but i can't work out how to connect them together to filter out the best candidates for the jobs

i kind of thought that 1 client could be interested in more than 1 sector, have more than 1 skill etc...

likewise a job may have more than 1 special requirement.

so now i have got tables that hold information about individual clients and their skills, locations special requirement and sector
as well as the same mirroring it from the job side.

but i don't know how to join them together.

Am i going in the right direction, or am i completely miss thinking the whole process??
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