Matrix display

I have a tabel in access db fx(bank,currency,operation(buy or sell).
I created 4 recordsets that pick data as follows:
recordset1 (Bank, EUR, Buy)
recordset2 (Bank, EUR, Sell)
recordset3 (Bank, USD, Buy)
recordset4 (Bank,USD,Sell).

Now I want the data to be dispalyed using classic ASP on a page as follows:

Bank EUR-Buy EUR-Sell USD-Buy USD-Sell
recordset1 recordset1 recordset2 recordset3 recordset4

More specific:

in the original table in database:

ID Bank Transaction type Currency Value
1 X Buy EUR 1
2 X Sell EUR 2
3 X Buy USD 3
4 X Sell USD 4
Data in the ASP should be displayed as follows:

Bank EUR - Buy EUR - Sell USD-Buy USD-Sell
X 1 2 3 4
Thank you in advance.
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