Dataset output format

Hi all!

I am hoping to get some help with the following:

I loaded a dataset (of size 1,317,855*10) into MATLAB. When I call submatrices of the dataset, MATLAB factors out 10^5, which is somewhat obnoxious. How can I prevent MATLAB from doing this?

Thanks in advance!

An example of my problem:

If the dataset is defined as Dataset = [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9],

and I type the command K = Dataset(1:2, :),

then the output looks like

K = 10^5[0.00001 0.00002 0.00003; 0.00004 0.00005 0.00006]


  • You can use built-in function 'format'.

    Let's say

    format bank
    format compact
    format short

    or something similar.
    Type help format on your command window to see a
    description and some examples.
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