Help Please

Hi, I'm quite new to c++ and i have been having a specific problem. i use devc++ coppiler and everytime i have thre line return o; at the end of my main function, the source code compiles but when i run it, it just closes up instantly. if i change the return o; statement to cin >> a;
where a is a variable i use in my program, the program compiles and runs successfully. i have copied programs directly from textbooks and i get the same error. pls can any one tell me what im doing wrong. Thank you


  • The console window is *probably* closing upon program termination. You might try something like below. You can also try opening a "cmd" window and then run your program by providing the full path to your application.

    int main() {
    // bits of code

    while(cin.get() != '
    return 0;


  • Thanks, the piece of code you gave solved the problem.

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