need your feedback guys bout web development fundamentals

Hi Guys! A newbie and a student here. I want to ask your assistance by being my respondent just to answer the following few survey questions here below. This will help me a lot for the completion of my project in Website Development and On-Line Programming Subject which is one of my major courses. Thank you very much and God Bless! :)

1. For you, what is the best and most effective Internet Browser to use?
2. For you, what is the best and most effective Search Engine to use?
3. What software system you usually used to generate a website? (Example(s): PHP and Cold Fusion)
4. What kind of application you are mostly preferred in creating HTML documents? (Example: Notepad)
5. Do you apply Web Development Phases including Planning, Analysis, Design and Development, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance with your website appropriately?
6. What kind of Website you usually developed?
7. How much it usually cost in generating a website in the Internet?
8. What is the most commonly used web server?
9. How much is the average income of a website developer?
10. What type of Website structure you usually used?
11. What reference(s) can you recommend to me as a beginner?

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