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Over the last year, I had a friend from Brazil help me through a divorce. During the past year she became more and more possessive and finally I had decided that I didn't need another problem.... Well, I had a real problem when I realized that she was a terrorist and developed a Blog on my behalf totally humiliating me with totally false information though she managed to get the website to everyone I worked with. Fortunately I was wise enough to not have naked pictures for her:)

To this end, I have reported abuse and I have done everything I can to get rid of this. I would have her arrested if she was in the USA though she is safe behind her little computer in Rio De Janiero trying to kill me...

If anyone has any suggestions or knows how to help I would appreciate it. I don't care what it takes, hack, overload or destroy the information would be lovely. It pisses me off that E-Blog will not do anything about it... This world is getting ugly and anyone can post anything about anyone true or false... Please help... The Blog is written here... What is written is false and even things about my own lawyer and current wife... Please destroy if you are able http://devonhodgkins.blogspot.com/ thanks in advance
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