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I'm using SQL database with Delphi 7 what I need to dois filter a database, with SQL code? My current setup is TADOConnection, connected to the SQL database, then ADOTable, connected to the ADOConnection, pointed to the correct table and a Datasource. Now on the search form I want it to filter with the information selected (Field name selected from a combobox and a value entered into a editbox) I want to make use of SQL code, I need to know how do I Filter the ADOTable or do I have to make use of Tquerry? and how do I connect the querry to the SQL database and table ?


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    I suggest you to manipulate data by setting the sql, and using sql queries instead of using filters, it will be faster, than filter the table (if I understand the question properly).
    What kind of database engine are you using along with ADO?

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  • Well I'm using sql database. What I want to be able to do is at runtime, the user will specify a set of parameters (bound by what I make available to them) via comboboxes, when they click search I want to generate a sql querry, the only thing is I have never worked with delphi and sql together, I don't know which components in delphi to use together for this purpose.
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