Review of MDevonline Progonline, 11 reasons why it's a scam!

1. If you are a freelancer or developer searching for IT projects or remote development projects using Microsoft .NET, PHP, Web projects, etc., do not fall into the MDevOnline / Progonline trap!
2. All the good reviews and articles about ProgOnline and Mdevonline (same company) are written by marketing people at Progonline. Just read them and you will understand that these are not real freelancers or developpers, just clumsy marketing people at ProgOnline and MDevOnline.
3. On both platforms (MdevOnline and Progonline) projects for software developers are presented with a level of competition between service providers: for example, "low competition." This is a totally false indicator and scam because the projects are posted on both platforms (Progonline and Mdevonline). The competition is much stronger than the one they are trying to sell you. So, you start to believe that it's interesting to spend your money to consult a project posted for a month, because it's showing as


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