WS-I BP1.2 validation of headerfault element in RPC-literal style.

Hi everybody, this is my first post in the forum.
I read you a lot, but never needed to post before (most questions were already answered :-) ).

I would appreciate some help with a WSDL validation issue I'm having.
I have this legacy RPC-literal style WSDL file in which I'm trying to add WS-Policy references. The WSDL validates against BP 1.1 (doesn't support wsp:PolicyReference elements), but not against BP 1.2/2.0, and I have no clue on how to get around it.

When running WS-I BP 1.2 validation (2.0 is quite similar, must force soap 1.2 though) the report fails on BP2113 and BP2114. The BP2114 assertion fail is a consequence of the BP2113 one. I was able to track (by removing elements one by one and validating the WSDL) the issue down to the headerfault element (the header element is fine, only headerfault causes the validation error), but I don't really know why.

The Assertion Description is:
When they contain references to message parts, the soapbind:header, soapbind:headerfault and soapbind:fault elements only refer to wsdl:part element(s) that have been defined using the "element" attribute.

I'm attaching the WSDL. You may notice that the fault message is declared with an element (as in Document style) as it is supposed to.
I just don't know where the error is coming from.
Can anyone help me on this?.
Any hints will be greatly appreciated.
I look forward to your answers.


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