Please Help! Batch File to find and replace config values required


I have what should hopefully be a very simple scenario.

I have a batch file which relies on a text file (e.g. MyConfigUpdate.txt) to retrieve a set of values, line by line. Each line represents a server name. To illustrate, let's say the servers are listed as follows:

WebServer 1
AppServer 2
DatabaseServer 3

The batch script is required to retrieve each line entry, e.g. WebServer 1, AppServer 2 and replace a value in a web config file.

For e.g, if the web config file has the following keys:

I would like to replace the word localhost with "WebServer 1",


I would like to replace the word localhost with "AppsServer 2"

And finally for:

I would like to replace DBServer with "DatabaseServer 3"

Any ideas how I can achieve this please? I believe the For loop is my best option but the correct syntax is somehow stumped me.


PS: My script can only be a batch file and no other file type or third-party application.
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