getting what is nessecary from a text file and removing the other info

hi i am not an expert in c++ nor do i know how to work properly on the windows forms application in c++.

the thing is that i was able to produce in the windows forms application a web browser and I added a save button.
So know I am able to navigate predeclared webpages such as
and then I entered google's search box such as "number of hippos".

I later save the page as text file on my computer.
I wanted to know how to organize the words in the text file ?
i mean how can i just get the number of hippos in south africa , number of hippos in ghana (if they exist) from all the text file and change it to a file with precise data.that is to eliminate the unneeded information such as the the characteristics and the useless ideas?
and what if i also wanted to know the species of hippos in a country+the number of hippos. How can i do it?
hippos is just an example here
Please i need your help

thank you very much
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