Help Needed

Hey guys,

Im just starting to get into programming, the only things i know how to do or know about are Html and Php. What i wanted to do was create a text based game or mmorpg, but i dont know where to get started. If you would be kind enough to show me the way of programming that would be great.

Things i probably would need to know and/or dont know how:

Where to server host.
How to upload codes.
Any other coding such as css or c++ or Mysql.

(If you would like to join me in creating a text based game then that would be awesome, the more the easier and funer.)

Thanks, Programmer22


  • I'd recommend finding a free host for trial and error; offers 3 mysql dbs on its "free" plan. Uploads can be done using ftp and/or the "cpanel" of the hosting company.

    I'm no programmer by any means, but I've played around with old school rpgs using php, javascript, and a bit of mysql; the web stuff is a royal pain to work with...

    Nonetheless, best of luck to you; it can be rewarding once you've ironed things out. :)
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