Porting existing Pascal games to Java/Javascript

Hi All,

Please read my profile as I have gone into heaps of details about my history and programming experience. It is about 4-5 paragraphs of description written today as my biography.

I have about a dozen game applications written for Windows XP in Delphi 5 and 7 Enterprise, a few years ago. I have ported some of these to Lazarus and Free Pascal. And they all are fully tested beta versions available for Public Domain download on http://pewink.info (my personal homepage).

My goal is to port these games to Java or JavaScript for cross-platform games.

Is there a software tool to do these:

1) Convert my Delphi and Object Pascal to Java or JavaScript?

2) Convert my Delphi forms to Java or JavaScript?

The TwhForm2HTML is a Delphi form to HTML converter written in Delphi 3, suitable for (2).

I am currently corresponding with Ann Lynnworth, Owner HREF Tools Corp about TwhForm2HTML .... and it looks like I will be working on converting the source code from Delphi 3 to Lazarus for Linux and Windows.

I would like advice about tools for (1) converting Delphi to Java. I have limited JavaScript experience, mainly editing other people's JS code.

Also I would like advice about learning Java and best Java ide to use. I have viewed several of the Java ebooks linked here on this site, and I am yet to find time to read them.

Best Regards,
pew :-)
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