How can I use Spring and Spring-MVC ?

How to best apply Spring, Spring MVC and Hibernate frameworks
I'm an individual programmer, developer and (in the corporate world, Only) I see a huge demand for the frameworks: Spring, Spring MVC, webflow, and Hibernate. Popular today: Spring MVC, webflow, GWT.

I've been going through the tutorials, and the technology looks awesome ! What I would like to know, is.. How can I apply these frameworks in building websites ?

I can't imaging doing any kind of serious website building without a modern CMS or Portal layout (whether in Java/php-opensource), And yes, MVC gives you the validation and authentication hooks to be used.

All the demo's on Spring, cover some elementary, contrived example.
If I learn these technologies (and I'm well on my way), how do I put them into practice, and in what context (no pun intented) do I use them ? I don't want to rebuild a CMS system. Maybe these are meant to be used in a Portal structured system.

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