Get Specific Element Value From XML String

First post for me so hi to all :)I'm consuming some web service stuff in SSIS and have got stuck with an issue that I thought would take minutes to resolve... I was wrong.

I'm an SSIS / SQL developer so only get mixed up in when SSIS isn't able to do what I want with native functionality so I'm coming to you as a very novice novice.




I need to get the two values from the 2 elements into 2 string variables. Sounds simple yes. I can do this in SQL in seconds so thought it would be a few minutes work yet hours later all i've managed to do is to using xmlreader pop up a messagebox displaying 'root' then 'SrqNo' then '1234' then 'SeqNo' then '1'...

very pretty but gets me nowhere.

* In my code the above xml will come from a string variable not a document.

* I want to use intended xml functionality as in future packages the xml may be more complex.

* I need to end up with 2 string variables; the 1st containing '1234' and the 2nd containing '1'.

Simple as that?

Cheers guys


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