Problem: ISAPI Extension Add custom header


I am developing an ISAPI extension WildCard and a filter, now i want to pass information from the extension to the filter for each request, and the only way that i have found was to
pass the data throw the response header, but when i added a custom header (Example: MYHEADER), and try to approach from the browser in the second request the browser freeze and say that there was a problem with the response.
*The ISAPI extension not changing anything in the request, only log info and add one header to the response (1 time its adding a SET-Cookie and the rest its adding a custom header).

I have set cookie header that works fine, and i know that i can't run the function HSE_REQ_SEND_RESPONSE_HEADER twice on the same request, so i add the custom header only when i don't use the set cookie.

code snippet
string dicstr = "X-My-Header-UserID: 12
DWORD dwSize = strlen((char*)dicstr.c_str());

ecb->ServerSupportFunction(ecb, HSE_REQ_SEND_RESPONSE_HEADER, NULL, &dwSize, (unsigned long *)(char*)dicstr.c_str());

Any idea why its happen when i added a custom header?

Thanks in advance,
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