saving and loading print queue?


I am not sure this is the forum to post in, so let me know. My problem is...

I have a business and have to print lots of CDs, I use an epson printer and a program called PrintCD.

I will have a set of 50 CDs to print, for example:

My Music
Disc 1

My Music
Disc 2


When I do this, I have to individually change the disc number, click on print (add it to the print queue), change the disc number again and so on.....

So in the end I have 50 CDs in my print queue and then I just load the discs into the printer one by one.

What I want to do is make the print queue and then save it to a file. So, when I have to print 50 CDs I just load the print queue and start going.

It would save me so much time and be a handy program for lots of people.

I know some c++, visual basic and pick thing up quickly.

Can anybody help or advise?

Much appreciated
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