need Help designing a hobby project that uses a RTOS

Hi everybody,

this is a kind of backward question, but I am learning RTOS, and I need to come up with a hobby project that uses a RTOS. I am looking at programming in C using a RTOS in an embedded system.

key requirements for my hobby project:

1. use many RTOS features.
2. easy to build
3. consists of parts that are available to buy as a consumer
4. somehow fun

1: Hard real time, concurrent Tasks, mutex, etc.
2: Some electronics and soldering I can do, but not too complicated. Using molds and heavy machinery is too complicated.
3: Ordering components from specialized shops is OK, but custom made things are not. I would start up with some microprocessor developing board and some cheap sensors and perhaps some electrical motors.
4: Well, this is up to everyones taste, but something that moves is usually more fun.

What I can come up with off hand,

Some kind of elevator system with inputs/button on each floor. Some kind of algorithm for moving the elevator and delivering items. (small scale elevator system of course)

Building a robot arm of some sort with sensor inputs. Algorithm for some kind of AI depending on sensory input.

any comments? I know I need to do electronics & mechanics, but I want that part to be as small as possible. The major work should be on RTOS programming in C on an embedded system.

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