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I am examining a case for a new RT/embedded OS in today's situation. I would like to get a simple YES/NO answer from embedded developers.

Suppose that you are starting a new project. You are considering to use embedded Linux and you offered an RT/embedded OS by a vendor John Doe Inc. The RTOS is proposed in complete source code, uses GNU toolchain to build and development license is free. Production license cost is negligible for your purpose and support costs the same as support from embedded Linux vendors. In other words, John Doe's offer comes even to embedded Linux with regard to source code, development and license costs.

Let's also suppose that John Doe's RTOS offers come even with Linux in ready code availability (John Doe Inc. ported to its OS open-source libraries that you need).

Now you have to consider pros and cons of the new RTOS option compared to Linux (we assume that you know Linux pros and cons pretty well).


* Smaller footprint, better configurability
* More system resources left free
* Better performance of OS kernel and services
* Real-time responsiveness
* Simpler build and maintenance
* Simpler programming


* Worse support (supported only by John Doe Inc. and its distributors, no match to Linux community)
* Established bad reputation of dedicated RT/embedded OSes

The question is: would you give a try for John Doe's RT/embedded OS?



  • I am confused by you question how do you come to the pro's and con's you have. In my little experience with Embedded Linux it is neither light or user friendly. My current project has 15K of ROM, I could not consider an Embedded RTOS as even an option.

    I believe you can have all the code in the world from a RTOS. However you have to ask yourself do you want the RTOS to complete a project, or do you want to be a guru of an RTOS. I personally need to get a product to market.

    The bad thing about any tool is that your first use of it should be considered the concept phase. Its not until you find the bugs that the tool has and work around them can you consider yourself in the production phase of a tools usage. I consider an RTOS to be a tool for handling task execution. If I gave it more functionality than that I then become dependent on the RTOS tool. Bad Idea.
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