Array variable and Collection object

I have a one dimensional array variable that I would like to store 3 different values for each index of the array. The closest thing I can find in VBA Help is Collection Object, but I don't see it as working because I don't think it is structured so that there can be multiple collections based on an index. My array variable will have an index from 1 to up to maybe 2500. What else is there in VBA to handle this situation? I am using Excel. My project concerns optimizing haul patterns in relation to agricultural land grading.


  • Hello,

    If you're using a single dimensional array, you can use the following:

    Dim myArray(10) as string

    myArray(0) = "Value 1"
    myArray(1) = "Value 2"
    myArray(2) = "Value 3"

    Hope this helps!
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