Need Game Development Team


Cutting to the point, I am looking for an experienced game development team to help me make great games. Here is some info:

Brief description:
I want to make some games, and need people to help make them. I can help in the funding/marketing and basic business side of the game development process, and in return hope to create a team that together can make any sort of genre of game that we see acceptable. I myself prefer to work on online, multiplayer games, but again this is negotiable depending on what is best for the team.

If you think you have a team, or can form one, and have the passion and skill in developing games, then please contact me and we can discuss things further.

Target aim:

The games I hope to create (eventually) would be retail games, ones in which we can profit from. Of course it will take time to reach such a goal, so patience and time management is important. We can start with something small, as a test of our capabilities, and then from there focus on what we have to do to reach out goal. We want to aim as high as we can. And go further.

Payments will be provided, but the form on whether it will be a set monthly payment, or a percentage of potential revenue is negotiable depending on the circumstances.

There will be payments nonetheless.

I can help provide any technology that the team may need. I don't want things like this get in the way of making great games.

Talent needed:
Right now, all spots are open, since I am currently working alone. I do however need a Team Development Manager who knows what kind of experience and skills that are needed for the team, and how to allocate their skills where necessary

If you have any exceptional talent, skill, or experience in game development contact me and we can take things from there.

Team structure:
As stated before, I am currently the only official team member. My job will be to finding ways to fund/market the games, and to look over the whole business aspect of the team.

If you are at all interested, please contact me at:

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