Can I change the Background Image of a Form in .exe/.dll?

Dear All!

I have a piece of software produced in 2010. The main form of the program (approx 1024x768, static dimensions) has very loud background image all over it (see attached file), which makes it difficult to work with this software.

My OS is Windows XP Pro, SP3. The main executable is an .exe win app. I could not find any text strings inside the exe/dll files which would point at some particular compiler.

Resource Explorers (ExeScope and PE Explorer) can see only some small icons inside the main executable, and no images.

Considering the program in hex editor has shown some little .bmp-pieces inside (starting with 42 4D+FileSize+000000000). But these are not what I am looking for.

Can I remove or change the background image on the main form of the program having no sources but usual .exe and dlls only? If yes, which procedure should I follow?

Any thoughts will be gratefully appreciated.
I will concretize any point on demand, if I can of course.

Great thanks in advance and Best Regards!


  • Guess you could use ASM and jump over the image code.

    Don't ask me to do that. I am new to it. ;D
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