Programmer needed for FSX Addon Project

I am working with Viper Aircraft to produce a Flight Sim X addon of their Viper Jet. The model and textures are currently being worked on, and can be viewed [link=]here[/link].

The programmer(s) will receive 1/3 of the development's cut of the revenue. Previous experience with FSX or previous Microsoft flight sims would be preferred. From what I understand, the codework needing to be done is similar to XML. So, those well versed in XML may apply as well.

The work needing to be done includes animations (coordinates and values for animations will be provided), flight physics, instrumentation, and Garmin G3X MFD's. The programmer will have access to the aircraft manufacturer for questions or data. And, the G3X MFD does not need to include the terrain system, just basic features.

If interested, you may look through the FSX Developer Wiki here. Again, prior experience would be preferred. However, proficient programmers that feel comfortable with learning as they go are welcome as long as the work can be completed by the end of February. There is a Speed TV special on the ViperJet in February, and Viper Aircraft would like to release the FSX Addon soon after it airs.

Please contact me via email at

Joshua Miller
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