PoS system? GUI?? help!

I am a huge noob at programming and I don't even know where to begin on this one. I need to create a simple Point of Sale (POS) system for a fast food restaraunt. The GUI should include the following elements:
- Checkbuttons to determine the main entree(s) (Burger, Chicken sandwich,
Chicken strips, Salad, etc...)
- An Entry object after each Checkbutton for the quantity (1, 2, 3, etc...)
- A Text object for special instructions (plain, no pickle, extra tomato, etc...)
- Two sets of Radio buttons for drink selection.
- One for the specific drink (Coke, Diet, Sprite, Tea, etc...)
- One for the size (Small, Med, Large, Jumbo, etc...)
- A calculate button which will calculate the total of the purchase based on
prices you set in the background.
- A Large Text object to display the receipt listing all items and the total price.


  • Which language are you intending to use in developing the POS?
  • python? its the only coding language i kinda know
    ROCK ON! m/
  • python? its the only coding language i kinda know
    ROCK ON! m/
  • Sorry for the serious lag in replying. I've been lurking for so long I had almost forgot my login.

    Python is an excellent choice, even if it's merely 'what you know'. As someone who's worked with a variety of languages I can assure you that it's is a great choice for portability and ease of entry.

    However I do question your goal given your starting point. You see I also know point of sale and I understand the technical needs of the systems that run a business. Even if you get a good layout that works for 90% of the staff making orders, you have to relay the order to the kitchen, you have to tax the items properly, you have to track what was tax and what wasn't for the accountant, you need to be able to break apart a bill and split tender (pay $10 cash, rest on VISA).. Are you hoping to interface with a banking terminal so the cashier doesn't run in an order worth $23.48 into the visa terminal as $2.34 all the time? Etc.. etc..

    These things SEEM easy but they spin out of control very quickly. If you have to have a customized solution, look first at all the open source POS solutions out there and consider adding your support and time to one of those.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing you learning Python. Last year I knew nothing about Python other than NASA and Google were big fans. This year I've been loving it as our entire office is running a python based connector to our [link=http://www.metrofax.com/]internet fax[/link] service (Metrofax) and I can literally use them like an API that I call on for services but the entire front end is at my disposal. If someone needs a quick option to bundle documents together for a weekly submission, I don't have to wait for the solution, I can jump right on it.

    So keep your love for the Python, but perhaps double check that you're not reinventing the wheel needlessly before getting deeply invested?

    -- TMI
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