Running programs from command line in asm

I'm currently programming a os in asm, and currently I need help with one thing.
How do I run binaries from my boot-floppy?
I'm currently setting up the kernel to read fat16, and it reads the diskette, but in order to proceed,I need help with my above question.
Please help me if you have some time to spare :)



  • Your floppy disk will be FAT12 if it is a 3.5 inch 1.44 meg disk unless you want to use a custom formatting routine. Save FAT16 access for old hard disks or virtual machines.

    The boot sector on your floppy needs to contain code to load your kernal. Your kernal needs to contain code to load other programs. One of which should be a command interpreter. That needs to contain code to let the user enter a file name and run it.

    The boot code will not be able to call operating system interrupts (like INT 21H) so it needs to load the kernal with INT 13H calls then simply JMP to the memory where the kernal was loaded. Well not simply...

    You get to parse the cluster chain the kernel file occupies by tracing the 12 bit file allocation table entries.

    A little more of the specifics of where your stuck might help.

    And check out
  • i've goten a bootloader and kernel functioning, fat12 is almost ready, but i'm still having some problems on running other programs.
    can't i make a special command that loads a program in to memory and just the kernel jumping to the address
  • Might I Recommend A Book? "Assemblers and Loaders", "Linkers And Loaders", Or "Assemblers Linkers And Loaders" Ok so i said one book but i gave you three, you should probably go ahead and read all three
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