Driver/Library/API and Power Mode Management

Deir Collegue,
I would like to know if I can use an Embedded RTOS in my microcontroller-based circuit.
At today I have develop firmware application without RTOS, but I think that the RTOS can permit to add same important functions and features at my project, but I don't know any concepts about the RTOS.
For this reason, I'd like to know:
1. The RTOS have in your library the api/driver to manage the built-in peripheral (such as timer counter, adc, and so on) or there is a particular RTOS with these additionali functions included?
2. If I must use same different power modes of my microcontroller, such us active high speed mode or stand-by mode, the RTOS have a library that I can use to manage this different contest or I must develo my power management libvrary?...If I change the power modality of the microcontroller with stand-by o low frequency modes, the RTOS have a problem with the task management?
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