java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main

OK I ve googled it and it didnt help that much..

I ve this piece of code

public static void main(String DataType, double CurrentValue,double PreviousValue, String ID) throws FileNotFoundException {
//testing testing
double[] Measurements;

+ bla bla bla...

I tried also putting the data before the main declaration and still the same problem.
I understand this has maybe something to do with the "static"??
But, how do I resolve it?
(damn beginner's luck)


  • Ok, found the thing alone guys...

    Only string[] allowed, so I have to check some double.parsedouble() method.. correct?
  • Yes basically, find the string that you want to change into a double and use
    [code]Double.parseDouble("Put your string here");[/code]
    You can also use Integer.parseInt() for ints!
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  • hi,
    First thing u need to understand is, in java the syntax for main function is- public static void main(String args[])

    It is hardcoded in JVM. JVM starts execution from main method only.So you must write it as it is. if u change something in that syntax, then JVM will treat it as normal method and expects a main method to start execution.

    So u change ur code by adding main method.
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