[UML] Can a many-to-many relationship be an Aggregation?

Hi, I have the following relationship:

Route * ------ * RouteLeg

I'd like to make this an Aggregation since a Route is composed by multiple RouteLegs.

However, if I delete a Route, its RouteLegs do not necessarily get deleted too (although, most of the time, they will), since they may be used in other Routes.

Is it appropriate to show this relationship as an Aggregation?

Like this:

Route * <>---- * RouteLeg

I have this doubt due to the fact that Jim Arlow in its "UML 2 and the Unified Process: Practical Object-Oriented Analysis and Design" book, doesn't see a many-to-many relationship as an aggregation, But it makes sense to me...

Anyone has evidence that it is possible to have many-to-many aggregations? Thanks very much in advance.


  • I've actually noticed Arlow doesn't say that a many-to-many relationship can't be an Aggregation. In fact, HE GIVES AN EXAMPLE FOR THIS:

    Product *<>---- * Product

    Weird how I didn't notice it the first time...
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