File Corrupt after Pwr Crash

I am trying to create a file that keeps status on my application and would provide a way to recover if the app hung or there was a power outage/crash. I was implementing a ping/pong type system where i have two files, (ping and pong), and write to them alternately. I was hoping that by doing this i would always have one "in the bank" ie on disk and safe. It turns out that so far i cannot show this. I have tried a few different things but when i turn the power off, (in the middle of running my app), and then boot back up into windows, both the ping and pong file can be corrupted. I guess the bottom line is this: is there anyway to be sure the file is written to disk, (in the bank), before i start to write to the other file. Even though i do a "close" on the files before writing to the other, they both still seemed to be cached somehow and not getting completely written. BTW this is using C# on windows XP SP3. I am also not sure the best place to post this.


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