Need some Pseudocode help plz!

I have started to write the pseudocode for this program but i have come to a dead end. I do not know how to continue this. Here is the question.

Write a program that will read in five positive integers (one at a time) and print out the largest and smallest number of the five numbers. The program should read the numbers one at a time. Write the program such that it takes an unlimited amount of positive integers.

num number
num ans
num min
num max
num count = 0

output "How many numbers are you going to input?"
input ans
while count < ans
output "Enter Number" count + 1
input number
if number < 0 then
output "enter positive number"


  • if count = 0
    max = number//the 1st number you enter is both the largest
    min = number//and smallest number entered so far

    if number > max
    max = number

    if number < min
    min = number

    Hope that helps
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