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I have had some difficulties with 000webhost[/b] and am looking for another hosting service that supports PHP, MySQL, and has a functioning PHP mail function. 000webhost used to be great for free and paid services with little difference between them. Now, my paid and free accounts with 000webhost are both similarly unreliable. There are frequent down times and the worst thing is that somehow files are getting added and edited without my involvement as if hackers are getting into my accounts. I have a paid account that was suspended for SPAM emailing because some hackers or other people got in and set up mass emailing scripts.
I also had trouble with godaddy[/b]'s PHP mail function. It is taking hours to get received in a yahoo account and some emails seem to never get through. This is a serious problem when I want to use forum boards like phpBB which use emails as important notices of message replies, private messages, and other notices.

[b]Services that are both free and cost under $10 per month are both helpful recommendations.[/b]



  • Hi. The free service at 000webhost is really not usable other than for minor testing and static sites. However, to my experience the paied service (hosting24) had a great deal of performance increase over 000. However, for demaning services it is of course not enough.

    What about your own server then? They are really cheap now days. I found one for about
  • Thanks for the tip. I have some projects that are likely good for that. I have some software that functions as a web server and for these products a virtual server would be ideal. I could install a custom web server and run it on port 80 which could be quite powerful.

    hosting24 is very closely tied with 000webhost, if not the exact same company. When I paid for hosting with 000webhost, it got hacked and mass emailing scripts were put up, the suspension notices came from hosting24. In general, the paid hosting seems better than the free ones I have. A couple of my free accounts still haven't been hacked into which is better than the paid one. It is frustrating to have these hacks happening almost every month. Malicious JavaScript and HTML gets added to the end of some files sometimes. cgi programs were added and some weird forum completely hid my web content on the paid account. I don't get why the service can be that vulnerable.

    Thanks for that tip and welcome any others.
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