Strings and integers

I have a list of strings, TStringList seems like a reasonable place to store them and I can get them back out via Stings[i]. Now I want an integer to go with each string. So I put it in Values[i]. Now my Strings[i] looks like "0=140". So I put my string in Name[i] and it throws an exception back at me because it has a space in it or something. So, I just want to know, forget most of what I just said, and tell me how to store a string and an integer, someone PLEASE!

Extremely frustrated now,


  • [color=Blue]If the string and integer are both complete some kind of structure, then simply use vector of structures.[/color]
  • So there is no way to use a TStringList if you want an integer associated with each string. Is there an equivalent of TStringList (in Borland C++ Builder 6 that is) which holds integers rather than strings?
  • [color=Blue]Pack it into text using some kind of separator which can't be found in text, like: "62353|my text here". Then simply extract both values:[/color]
    char* s = "62353|my text here";
    int n = atoi (s);
    char* text = strchr (s, '|') + 1;
    [color=Blue]But that would be slower then just a structure.[/color]
  • That's almost exactly what they came from, I store them like that in the system registry. Never mind, thanks for trying. C++ is a bit rubbish, isn't it? ;-)
  • Ah, I just stumbled on it (although I've been doing other stuff, I've been looking for this for two months, before it got urgent):

    TList *pTest;
    int nTest;

    pTest = new TList();
    pTest->Add((void *)5);
    pTest->Add((void *)4);
    nTest = (int)pTest->Items[1];
    nTest = (int)pTest->Items[0];

    Simple? Yes.
    Easy to find? No.
    Are you happy yet? Yes.


  • [color=Blue]Slow? YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!![/color]
  • This post has been deleted.
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