Making a Java Application Into An Executable File --- Urgently Needed

Hi there,

I have a game that I have programmed in Java using JCreator.

I am now looking to make that into an executable program so I can copy it onto a USB stick and give it to friends or family.

Any help greatly appreciated


  • You can't really make an exe from a java program, because it has to run in the Virutal Machine.

    The closest you can come to an executable program is an executable jar file. But if you want to run the jar on a different computer, a Java Virtual Machine must be running. If it's not, it should be installed before you can run your jar.
  • Try Launch4j ( It will wrap your JAR file in a Windows native executable. I've used it with great success on several projects.
  • You could also try [link=]GCJ (GNU Compiler for Java)[/link].

    It is designed to compile native executable code from Java. It doesn't work perfectly all the time but it is worth a try.
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