Help - Output related confusion

void main()
int b=-1;
Output is -1 .

Why isnt this output 1 .. Why d 3rd line -b not working .. It shud hv been -(-1) dats is 1 isnt ??


  • Hello, the problem is that statement "-b;" does nothing, it is not caught by the compiler because it is a calculation. That means that you will not get an error message for it. You need to make sure to reassign the variable. Here is a couple of ways of doing this

    b = -b; this just reassigns b to the negative value of itself.


    b *= -1; this would multiply b by negative one, which changes the sign
    and then assigns it back to the b variable.

  • [color=Blue]Good compiler will say: "Code has no effect." on this line.[/color]
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