Looking for Programmer for ARG

Hey, I've been looking for someone who is handy enough to help on a ARG project a friend and I have came up with. I originally tried to learn python myself, but it was too daunting for me and figured I try looking for some help.

Anyhoo, the ARG that we are writing for is based around an idea of programming, mathematics, etc. One of the components we want to use for the ARG is a Command Prompt like interface where players can use to solve puzzles and get info that will help them progress further. What we need is for the program to be able to recognize commands and give info to players and be able for players to enter data, like a password or keyword, to get further information. So basically it's not really anything over-complicated but I don't really know where to begin and am focusing on other aspects of the ARG.

Since the game is based around the idea of a programming, we could also use you for story aspects and writing and any additional feedback and tips to give players a sense of immersion in the game.

I don't want to give all the info out on the ARG at this point but once we get you on board we'll be more than willing to share story concepts and such. We're also only looking for one person to do this, but we'll consider everyone that's interested. We can't really pay you as we're broke and in our early twenties, but we'll credit you. We're also thinking of accepting donations to do more projects and cover funds from the ARG if it is successful, so maybe we can work something out then. Keep in mind that we're fine with just a basic program, so hopefully you won't have to spend a lot of time on it if that's an issue and possibly you can do it during any spare time that you might have as we'll have a month or so of planning. Also like to use you as a reference for the plots of the ARG, and even possibly someone that we can use to help manage if you're really keen to the idea.

If you like to, feel free to contact me through email (ecerta@gmail.com) or AIM (stopxeject). I'll also keep my eye on the thread for any replies.

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