Problem in detecting devices


I have built a winCE image and trying to drive a WiFi USB module (for more information: tp-link tl-wn321g which uses Ralink rt2501 chipset).

I have added the driver (rt2501usb.dll) into OS image as a MODULE (in project.bib) and added the reg settings (project.reg).

When i power on the CEPC with WiFi module connected, it hangs after extraction of NK.BIN. and then no response at all.

If I let winCE load and then connect the WiFi module, winCE will not recognize it. I think it happens because driver will not load at startup if device was not connected, maybe I'm wrong.

I tried connect another USB device (such as bluetooth or storage) before loading winCE, but it will make winCE hang too.

So I have two problems now:
1) Why any USB devices make my OS hang during load progress?
2) My main problem (WiFi doesn't work) is because of hang at startup or I have built a wrong driver?

any help can give me another hope...
Kind Regards;

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