Help with fortran code please!Urgent!!

Hello there!My name is Kelly and i am from Greece,i have to do some homework and the teacher asked us to program using fortran,but i have never learnt fortran!Can you help me write the fortran code please?I think i will need to have the two exercices ready till tomorrow..can i upload the exercices here?



  • Of course, you can and you should have when you
    submitted your request. Not many people do FORTRAN
    anymore, but I've had many years of experience. So
    send those exercises on!
  • i solved my problem thx!
  • [color=Blue]I love FORTRAN! I started my career with it in 1982 (I was still in university) - had lots of fun those days![/color]
  • hello...i have been given an assignment which needs to be done on fortran90....i have come up with my code but it isnt working for me..

    there are four parrts each specifying the values of M1 and angle for which M2 is to be calculated using SECANTS method..

    here is the codde with simplified comments

    !here i have declared the arrays
    !note that there are four parts of this question so i have declared two variables with four values each therefore combinining those parts

    !the dimensions of Function f,values of initial gueses x1,x2 and x3 have been declared arbitarily since i do not know the number of iterations needed to come up with the final solution

    real formula
    real rad,x,m1,theeta

    dimension m1(1:4),rad(1:4),theeta(1:4),x1(1:20),x2(1:20),x3(1:20)

    data (m1(i),i=1,4)/1.0,1.0,1.5,1.5/

    data (theeta(i),i=1,4)/10.0,20.0,10.0,20.0/

    do i=1,4


    ! here i have started the outer loop so that for each set of M1 and Rad the inner loop shouldd run and calculate the value of M2(taken as x3)
    !for e.g for M1=1.0 and rad=10.0 this code should calculate the value for M2 but since i do not know how many iterations will be done i have assigned an arbitary value of 10 in the inner loop

    do i=1,4

    do j=1,20


    !here i have set the tolerance

    !here is the function

    ! here are the two values of initial guesses(which will keep interchanging at each iteration..which i have set as 10 as a guess)

    !here is secants formula

    10 x3(j)=(x1(j)*formula(rad,x,m1)-x2*formula(rad, x, m1))/(formula(rad, x, m1)-formula(rad, x, m1))
    if (abs (x1(j)-x2(j)).lt.tol) goto 20
    goto 10
    20 print*,'The value of m2 for part(a) is',x3(j)

    end do

    end do


    REAL FUNCTION formula(rad,x,m1)
    REAL rad,x,m1

    dimension m1(1:4),rad(1:4),theeta(1:4),x1(1:20),x2(1:20),x3(1:20)



    but i am getting this error.

    : error FOR3601: symbol X is not a variable - cannot be statement function dummy argument

    warning FOR4291: function FORMULA has not been assigned a value
    warning FOR4265: symbol I referenced but not set

    warning FOR4270: unused symbol X3

    warning FOR4270: unused symbol X2

    warning FOR4270: unused symbol X1

    warning FOR4270: unused symbol THEETA
    Error executing fl32.exe.
    lapa.obj - 1 error(s), 6 warning(s)

    please identify the areas and what needs to be corrected

    please please see the attached question paper for reference..
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