Looking for C++ developers for antivirus project


I am currently the group leader of Cheetah Anti-Malware development group for antivirus software. It is currently a private group, to develop the actual antivirus program. The project has just begun, and we are looking to get it going at full swing.

Here are some details:

Paid: later. Developer must be able to freelance for at least one year.

Location: Online position. No need to relocate. We have communication techniques for builds and other information.

Type: Volunteer, part time. 18 hours per week per developer.

Requirements: Fluent C++ for most developers. Nothing strict. We are mainly looking for C++ developers whom are excited about developing programs.

Time frame: Indefinite. Those whom are pioneers will be working on it indefinitely.

Other notes:

-Some developers that know assembler would be a great add-on, but not required.

-Currently not on official hiring, as company has not started. We are only a development group currently, so there is no HR process to go through to get started. However, when the company begins, each developer shall go through hiring process, automatically becoming employee.

Send an email to admin[at]helpmyos.com to get started. Just let me know any information you think will be helpful in getting you started. Also, state how long you can work weekly on the project, teamwork abilities, and years experience or degree (if any) in C++. If you know assembler, include that as well.

Once you have sent the email, I will reply back with next set of instructions to get you set up on the specific board for development.

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