Designing Reports: Grouping: Beyond Label and Related Bound Field

I have a report. The header "page header" contains labels "First Name" and "Last Name". The header "LastName Header" contains the bound text fields for "txtFirstName" and "txtLastName". By default, via the report wizard, the label "First Name" has been bound-to or grouped-with "txtFirstName", even across header sections, such that when I move one field, the other follows. Is there a way to add more complex groupings, like binding the "First Name" group with the "Last Name" group? Can I add a heading to that higher-level group called simply "Name" so that I can rename the labels "First" and "Last"?

This isn't a make-or-break question, but it would make further formatting adjustments far less tedious if fields knew they were supposed to follow along with changes made to a related bound or grouped field.

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